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How Truly I am Impressed with Your Company

I am writing in regard to the e-mails I have recently received from you. Although it's early in our business relation and we haven't had the opportunity to develop the personal relationship that I hope we do as we move forward, I thought it was important to tell you and your staff how truly impressed I am with not only the professionalism but the service as a whole.

As I have mentioned I've been involved in private & public companies for most of my adult life at all levels and have yet to come across a company with the mind set and determination as you and your staff. I don't typically write letter's like this,

Especially this early in our relationship but I felt compelled to do so not based on one or one hundred rent's but on the fact that you and your staff have already exceeded my expectations as a "Company".....................

I wanted you all to know that whether you book my property once or a hundred time's your efforts and attention to detail have just blown me away............ If there was ever a doubt of weather or not I have made the right choice for a property management team, Be assured it has been put to rest.

In advance, Thank You. – Cliff, Auburn, WA

Manager's Response

Some of a manager's job is largely invisible to clients. It is so nice to see you noticed. Thank you for your kind words.