Better in Every Possible Way

There could be a hundred reasons to stay in a comfortable private home instead of a tiny hotel room. And another hundred to rent from a full-time, on-site professional manager. But we'll just stick to the top ten.

Top Ten Reasons for Vacation Rentals

  • Lower Costs - Divide the rental by 4-6-8 or more people. Far less than a hotel.
  • Availability - Vacation Rentals are located just about everywhere.
  • Convenience -You can still go to the restaurant, the beach or where ever.
  • Comfort - A lot more room. Spread out. Lounge around. Bring your family.
  • More Comfort - You get a Living Room. Maybe a den and patio.
  • Privacy - Everyone can have their own bedroom.
  • Extra Amenities - How about a stereo, multiple TV's, barbecue, garage. Etc. Etc.
  • Kitchen - Your own "restaurant" with great food, low costs. Cook what you want.
  • Leftovers - You get a refrigerator. Use it. Save money.
  • Handy Laundry- You can pack less and have what you need.
  • Easy Parking- No hike to the hotel parking lot. You car is right outside.

Top Ten Reasons to Rent from a Pro

  • Variety - Hundreds of homes. Owners push only what they have.
  • Selection - Big or small. Fancy or Plain. A wide range to choose from.
  • Prices - Best Rates and biggest selections.
  • Knowledge - Managers know the details of every home.
  • Reliability - Managers work and live in the area. At your service always.
  • Staffing - Housekeepers and other personnel onsite, ready to help.
  • Training - Experienced and educated in the business.
  • Flexibility - Ability to relocate or upgrade when necessary.
  • Local - Help with activities, shopping and dining. They know the ropes.
  • Friendly - You have a friend who knows your name. And cares for you.
  • Enjoyment - You get peace of mind. Sit back and relax.
  • Stability - Don't take a change on your vacation. Go with a Pro.

Whoops that's twelve reasons! But there are many more. On your next trip, take the plunge. Rent a larger, comfortable and convenient vacation rental. Or go back to one of those dinky little hotel rooms. But why would you?