Vacation Rental Scams

Maybe you have heard it said - beware of Vacation Rental Scams. That's true, but in fact, scams are no more common in this industry than any other. And avoiding scams is VERY Easy. Here are the methods to do so:


  • Pay only by credit card.
  • Always talk with the manager by phone
  • Only if they answer during the day.
  • Look at their own websites.
  • Ask who the local manager is.
  • Ask who the housekeeper is.
  • Rent from VRAI Members only.


  • Never pay by wire.
  • Never pay by Paypal..
  • Never rent via email only.
  • Never rely on big websites for help.


Scams are rare and only in the news to scare consumers into use large Vacation Rental Listing Websites, penalizing lodging managers and owners and increasing rates.

Renting a private home is a wonderful solution. Get more space, more rooms, more convenience and share with your entire family. Don't be scared off by fake stories. Deal only with a reliable manager.

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