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It really is in the Heart of the Town


Our family loves Leavenworth and goes 2-3 times per year. We usually camp in the summertime and have stayed at a variety of places around Leavenworth in December. My husband and I just recently went to Oktoberfest and stayed at the Edelweiss. We had used Sunspots last year to rent a cabin and had a great experience, so we has similar expectations this year.

We booked a little late and all they had were "european rooms." The nicest part is that it really is in the heart of the downtown. We enjoyed people watching out the window and could watch the parade from our window. When we were tired or needed to drop off things or change clothes (or use the bathroom) it was close. Our experience was that it was close, clean, available, and fairly cheap considering other hotels in the area. It suited our purpose for the weekend – Anonymous, Puyallup, WA